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Bed Bug MD is an Ohio based owner operated bed bug extermination company located in Lorain County. We serve homeowners, landlords, and business owners throughout northern Ohio. We use a specialized heat treatment to eradicate infestations of bed bugs in one day. Absolutely no chemicals are used in our process. We raise the temperature of your entire structure above the lethal temperature for bed bugs. Spot treatment may not be effective because bed bugs are known to travel 100 feet overnight looking for a meal. Our heat treatment kills bed bug in all of their life stages including eggs. The bed bugs cannot hide from the heat. The high temperature will overcome the bed bugs and they will die in a single treatment guaranteed without exposure to dangerous chemicals used with traditional extermination methods.


We had Bed Bugs!

I never really thought much about them before. Never really thought they were real. Then one day in July of 2015 my wife called me in a panic and said she found a bug on my daughter's bed. She had to be over reacting! But sure enough, we had Bed Bugs!

By the time I got home, my wife had my daughter's room completely torn apart. We went straight to the store to see what kind of products were available. We bought a giant plastic bag to put the mattress in. We also bought a can of some sort of spray. Luckily, they seemed to only be in her room. For a month my daughter slept on a air mattress while we sprayed and quarantined her room. Then it happened again … in my bed. We did the same thing with the spray and large bagged mattress. We finally got all the rooms put back together and thought we were fine. Then they showed up in my daughter's room again! We then knew we had to call a professional. When I was researching I did not find anyone doing heat treatments so we opted for chemicals.

They had to come twice with two weeks in between treatments. Each time they came, every bed had to be completely disassembled. All bedding and pillows needed to be washed and bagged tightly. Every stuffed animal in the house had to go through the dryer. Do you know how many stuffed animals two little girls have? The whole process took over a month and they had to come multiple times. After the technician left we had to wait for the chemical to dry and it left a residue. In between treatments I would see random bugs and I found one on my clothes at work. When I called the exterminator they told me this was normal because the chemicals could bring them out of hiding.

We never did find out where we got the bed bugs. Through the whole ordeal we only saw less than 12 bugs, but one is just enough.

Our advice? Call a professional immediately!

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